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Xepro Systems made a deliberate decision to specialize in pay for performance, that area where clients only pay for quantifiable results. In this regard, clients spend only when they know they have a realistic chance at realizing more returns for their investment.

For certain types of clients, however, pay for service is the only way to go outsourcing. For this reason, Xepro Systems offers highly educated and credentialed personnel from the Philippines who are as qualified, or maybe even more, than their foreign counterparts. These extremely capable individuals can easily function as Executive Assistants to executives who want to trim down their budget without forsaking the talents that they are used to working for them. Working across their offices or at the other side of the globe does not make much difference. And the cost can be ¼ to ½ of what they are used to spending for such talent. Additionally, this cost is all that – a cost with no HR implications whatsoever. We handle that part.

Towards this end, Xepro Systems has made it official policy to only recruit the best and the brightest for its call center organization in the Philippines.

Xepro Sytems’ management is ably led by a seasoned executive with experience in both the Philippine and US settings. Nolan Pidor, CEO, got his MBA degree from the Asian Institute of Management in Manila, Philippines. Shortly after getting his MBA, he migrated to the USA where he accumulated years of sales experience as a real estate salesperson. In 2000, he established Rymek Enterprises, Inc., an international nurse recruiting company and successfully deployed over 500 Philippine nurses to hospitals and nursing homes in the USA over the next ten years.


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